"From our private conversation at the Oakland Airport in September of 2005, Jim Rohn sent me on a Grand Quest to find a Secret, LOST Book from his past. This book, written by the man that mentored Earl Shoaff, was responsible, more than any other single thing, for all of his success...

"Now You Are About To Discover The Secret LOST Book That Made Jim Rohn And Earl Shoaff

For every Legend, there is a beginning...

People are always asking me about Jim Rohn and Earl Shoaff. They want to know how the wisdom they used to change the lives of millions got started.

Come back with me over half a century as we unravel the mystery.

YOU are about to discover their secret origin because you will have in your possession the "lost book" that started it all!

You see, Earl and Jim both studied under a mentor named Dr. J. B. Jones who taught them the philosophies they used to become legends.

In the early 1950's, Dr. Jones traveled the country giving lectures on what he called "The Alpha and Omega."

He spoke to packed houses about the simple formula for success he had developed and proven.

It was at one these lectures, in Long Beach, California, that a man named Earl Shoaff first heard the ideas that would change his life.

He became so excited about what he heard, he went to work for Dr. Jones so he could immerse himself in the formula.

The year was 1953 and Earl Shoaff totally committed himself to learn everything he could from his mentor.

He learned the material and the philosophy so well that he quickly changed his life on all levels.

He became a rising star in Dr. Jones nutrition company, AbundaVita.

He went from making $100 bucks a week as a pants presser, to earning a five figure per month income in less than 2 years.

Now it was his turn to go across the country and give lectures on the ideas that changed his life.

It was October, 1955 when Earl Shoaff was scheduled to speak in Pensacola, Florida.

In walks a young, broke, disillusioned, Sears stock clerk by the name of Jim Rohn.

He hears Earl Shoaff share part of the formula and philosophy of The Success Quadrant and finally sees hope.

He sees, in Mr. Shoaff, the man he wants to become and he decides, right there to change his life.

He signs up as a distributor in AbundaVita and goes to work putting The Success Quadrant to the test.

His life takes on a whole new look, color and texture as he becomes the man he was meant to be.

He becomes rich, inspires millions and the rest is history!

Now, it's YOUR turn!

In 1956, Dr. Jones decided to start capturing these ideas, philosophies and formulas on paper.

In doing so, he wrote a book that reveals the true secrets of success in a way that even a child could easily understand and apply them.

It shows you, step-by-step, how to be, do and have anything you desire.

That's the good part.

Here's the bad part.

The ORIGINAL version of this book is dang near impossible to find!

Just a few weeks after it was released, it was recalled by the publisher. Then all remaining stock was destroyed because the "powers that be" thought it was just too powerful for the general public!

The original work was then re-edited and the content watered down. Only then was the "safe" version re-released.

I know this because Jim Rohn personally told me about this book and it's history.

He had a worn-out, dog-eared original copy in his library and commented that, other than the Bible, it was one of the most powerful books ever written.

In fact, it was the ideas, philosophies and formulas shared in this book that made him a millionaire!

As a side note, Dr. Jones was so impressed with what Jim had accomplished that he shared one of Jim's stories in the book!

Remember the story about the full-service gas station attendant in Carmel, California and the milkshakes from Baskin-Robbins?

It's in the book!

I made up my mind, then and there, to find an original copy of this masterpiece.

Jim told me what to look for so I would KNOW it was an original copy.

Years of searching yielded nothing as I purchased over a hundred watered-down versions.

I had almost given up when a package arrived at my door. I ripped it open and knew, right away, it was different.

As I looked through the book, I jumped with excitement because I KNEW I FINALLY HAD AN ULTRA-RARE ORIGINAL VERSION!

Today, out of hundreds of books in my personal library, it stands alone as my most prized possession.

It is such an invaluable resource that, just in case a fire or some other natural disaster destroyed it, I personally transcribed the contents word-for-precious-word and created an ebook for my personal archives.

Then, to make sure this incredible work did not fall into the wrong hands, I secured the publishing rights.

My first instinct was to protect it, to hide it away, but I got to thinking about all the good this book has done.

When you read it you will smile because you will recognize many of the things Jim shared in his seminars and training materials.

Earl Shoaff taught this material almost word-for-word in his "How To Become A Millionaire" speech but barely touched the surface of the power contained in The Success Quadrant.

Earl's best friend and business partner, Rich Schnackenberg (friend and mentor to Jim Rohn) wrote a book called "The BE Book" that teaches what he learned from Dr. Jones.

They all became multi-millionaires, but more importantly, led happy, successful, fulfilling lives all because they applied what this book teaches.

They paid it forward and touched the lives of MILLIONS all over the planet.

And it ALL started with The Success Quadrant!

I finally came to the conclusion that this amazing work is just too powerful not to share with the right people!

You see, I think I understand why the publisher pulled this original version.

You can't play around with what this book teaches because it is just too powerful!

After seeing the results in my own life, I know first-hand what it can do.

Therefore, I will only make it available to people who know how to handle it's wisdom.

To insure this material gets into the right hands, I am offering the first chapter FREE!

This first chapter is a "sneak-peek" of what's in store for you when you get this material.

Study it, put it into practice and see what happens.

Then, IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES, purchase the whole ebook!

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